AC-130H Aircraft 69-6568" NIGHT STALKER"(post-SOFI mod) Firing The M102 105 MM Howitzer Cannon

AC-130H Aircraft 69-6569 "FATAL ATTRACTION"(pre-SOFI mod) circa late 1980's ~ 16th SOS~

An AC-130H(post -SOFI mod) dispenses IRCM flares

The AC-130H Spectre Gunship is an extensively modified version of the Lockheed C-130. It is armed with two 20mm Vulcan cannons that can fire up to 2500 rounds per minute each, one 40mm Bofors cannon set to fire 100 rounds per minute and one 105mm Howitzer.

The AC-130H is air refuelable and can loiter on station almost indefinitely with tanker support.

During Vietnam the AC-130A and AC-130E/H each destroyed more than 10,000 enemy vehicles and were credited with many life-saving close air support missions.

The Spectre Gunship has been a vital member in Vietnam, Grenada (Operation URGENT FURY), Panama (Operation JUST CAUSE), Iraq (DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM), Somalia (Operation CONTINUE HOPE), Haiti, Bosnia (Operation DENY FLIGHT), Liberia and elsewhere.

This site is dedicated to the many men who have died in support of Gunship operations.

69-6571(Vietnam)15 men

69-6567(Iraq "Spirit 03" This was the costliest aircraft loss of human life of the war)14 men

69-6576(Somalia "jocky 14")8 men

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